Our on- site equipment is specially designed to ensure the safety for your drilling equipment.

Dupagro Pipe Rollers

All our adjustable pipe support systems (pipe rollers) are a high quality product and has proven to be spot on in durability as well as usability in the field. These pipe roller assemblies are designed to support HDPE-, steel-, and cast iron pipe. All the pipe rollers have life time greased, heavy duty ball bearings.

We also supply pipe cradles.

Type Maximum Load (t) Pipe Diameter (mm) Dimentions LxBxH (cm) Weight (kg)
PR2 2,5 150 – 550 60 x 60 x 20 26
PR6 6 300 – 915 110 x 80 x 40 100
PR16S 16 700 – 1230 150 x 70 x 60 380
PR16L 16 700 – 1430 175 x 77 x 65 426
PR20 20 800 – 1600 200 x 100 x 75 750


Dupagro Mud Filters

This Mud Filter will prevent any unwanted solids into your high pressure drill pump, drill rods, drill heads or reamers. It is to be placed after the Mud Mixing System and before the High Pressure Mud Pump. A 18 mesh (1000 micron) flat panel screen will prevent any larger solids to flow through.

Each filter has a smart rinse option which can be used to clean it quickly.
The pressure gauges on inlet and outlet will give a clear sign when the filter is clogged.

Drilling Mud Filter Specifications
Type Maximum Flow (ltr/min) Screen Dimentions LxBxH (cm) Weight (kg)
MF1K 1.000 14-18 mesh +/- 130 x 60 x 120 +/- 380
MF2K 2.000 14-18 mesh +/- 160 x 80 x 150 +/- 560


Dupagro Drill Rod Break Out Systems

Our Break out units are designed for fast and easy operation when making up or breaking out pipe and tool joints.
The units 2344, 6184 and 8184 are equipped with Drill Pipe Wrenches to provide the greatest strength while minimizing marks on pipe surfaces.
The 11800 has two Visetongs and the 118 a Visetong and Tongvise combination. The heat-treated Special Chains on these tools are easily adjusted by adding or reducing the chain sections. The smallest ones have a manual operated hydraulic system, the larger size have their own hydraulic power pack.

Click on the type or capacity to view full details.

TYPE Max. Nm Hydraulics Mtr Hoses Skid size Dry weight
2344 16000 Manual 5 80x60x50 90
6184 32000 Manual 5 125x60x60 130
8184 65000 Manual or Powerpack 5 125x80x80 300
11800 121000 Powerpack 5 150x90x90 700
118 120000 Powerpack 5 180x170x150 1.000

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Gearench Drill Pipe Wrenches, Tongs &  Valve Wheel Wrenches

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Tsurumi Submersible Pumps

Many electrical submersible pumps are available online, if you need assistance finding the pump you need send us an email to info@dupagro.com.
Please include: current (Hz), fluid type (and solids %), required flow combined with required pressure.
We are here to assist!

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Minimum (ltr/min) Maximum(ltr/min) Minimum (bar) Maximum(bar)
KTV Series 300 950 0,1 3,5 Spring water, Rain water, Ground water, Sand carying water
KTD Series 500 800 0,1 2,1 Sludge, Slurry, Liquids containing sand mud and or bentonite
KTZ Series 400 2200 0,2 4,8 Spring water, Rain water, Ground water, Sand carrying water
KRS Series 1800 10000 0,2 3,3 Spring water, Rain water, Ground water, Sand carrying water
GPN Series 1600 5000 0,4 3,3 Sludge, Slurry, Liquids containing sand mud and or bentonite
Please be aware that maximum flow is not to be combined with maximum pressure, check pump details to find the flow charts for each type!

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