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P25 Mud Pump System

The P25 Mud Pump System is manufactured to meet the required capacity.
Stand-alone high pressure pump system with clutch and gearbox, systems are available with several brands of Diesel Engines and High Pressure Pumps. The P25 Mud Pump System Pumps are of international known standards and are all designed for HDD drilling mud pumping.

The system can be partially or fully enclosed with sound attenuated engine area  and air intake & discharge.
Since each customer will require a certain flow capacity combined with pressure, these systems are always adapted to customer’s needs.
In fact if a specific flow is required we can build it.

Al systems can be modified to customer’s wishes and capacities.

P25D General Specifications

Delivery: 2000 – 2500 ltr/min.
Engine: Scania, Catterpillar, Cummins.
Pump options:
Shäfer & Urbach

Connections: 6″ inlet and 3″ outlet.
Painting: high gloss finish paint in customer RAL color.

We customize our P25 Mud Pump System.

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  • P25 Mud Pump System
  • P25 Mud Pump System P32 Mud Pump System
  • P25 Mud Pump System