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  • PSR10E Pipe Site Reclaiming System

PSR10E Pipe Site Reclaiming System

The PSR10E Pipe Site Reclaiming System (mud pre- recycling system) is manufactured to meet the required capacity. The PSR10E Pump is of international known standards and are made of wear resistant Hard Iron Cast Steel, have long life mechanical shaft seals with a backup packing.

This System is a compact drilling mud pre cleaning system, designed get the largest particles out. It will optimize the returns by not only taking out what will damage the return pump, but also in acting as a buffer. These systems include a Hard Iron Centrifugal US Style transfer pump which will be able to return the pre-cleaned drilling mud to the rig-site of the drilling operation. The complete package is configured to be fully automatic, tank level will dictate the correct action taken by the unit. Finally we have made the system to be quickly deployed, rig-up and rig-down time needs to be as low as possible.

There are currently 2 systems; 1000ltr/min and 2500ltr/min.

We will modifiy our PSR10E Pipe Site Reclaiming System to customer’s wishes.

PSR10E General Specifications

10ft Container size System
 1000 ltr/min.
Engines: Electric.
Transfer Pump: US 250Style with mechanical seal.
Connections: 4″ inlet and 4″ outlet.
Painting: high gloss finish paint in customer RAL color.

We will customize the PSR10E Pipe Site Reclaiming System to meet your needs.

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  • PSR10E Pipe Site Reclaiming System


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