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  • R30E Mud Reclaiming System

RS30E Mud Reclaiming System

This Dupagro RS30E Mud Reclaiming System (mud recycling system) is manufactured to meet the required capacity. The Reclaiming Equipment Pumps are of international known standards and are made of wear resistant Hard Iron Cast Steel, have long life mechanical shaft seals with backup packings. Also Mission style Magnachome pumps are available for a proven long life span therewith reducing stops for repairs.

The R30E Mud Reclaiming System  has a very small footprint (6,5 x 2,5mtr), the fluid circulation tank with built up four single deck mud shakers, one being the primary shale shaker and three as final mud cleaner. The circulation pumps feeds the high flow hydro cyclones, furthermore a storage system or container is required to receive the clean mud. There is no transfer pump on the R30E. The maximum delivery capacity is 3.000 ltr/min with 20% solids in.

Shown RS30E Mud Reclaiming System is a Special design, it is a combination of the standard R30E + S30E customized storage container.
What makes the RS30E so special; the R30E fits into the S30E system and the S30E has large jacks which makes this unit able to push itself up so the trailer can be positioned underneath. This means for loading and unloading NO crane is required.
And another surprise; the R30E pushes itself up hydraulically out of the S30E.
So the RS30E Mud Reclaiming System is a time saver, no crane required and therefore reducing overall drilling costs.

Al systems can be modified to customer’s wishes and capacities.

R30E/RS30E General Specifications

Capacity: 3.000 ltr/min.
Frame R30E:  6,5 x 2,5 x 2,5mtr
Engines: Electric.
Pumps: US 250Style with mechanical seal.
Shaker type: Dupagro Tiger Shaker™.
Cyclones: High flow.
Total tank capacity: > 10.000 ltr steel tanks
Connections: 6? inlet and 6? outlet.
Painting: high gloss finish paint in customer RAL color.

SHOWN SYSTEM IS A RS30E (S30E 30.000ltr)
With full Hydraulic jacks.
No crane required to rig-up and rig-down.

We will customize our Mud Reclaiming System. Shown unit is a Special

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  • R30E Mud Reclaiming System
  • R30E Mud Reclaiming System


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