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  • M20E Mud Mixing System

M20E Mud Mixing System

The M20E Mud Mixing System is manufactured to meet the required capacity.
This Mud Mixing System will match HDD stand-alone high pressure pumps from 1500 ltr/min up to 2500 ltr/min. These systems are fully Electrical, therefore a generator will be required. All Mixing Equipment Pumps are of international known standards and are made of wear resistant Hard Iron Cast Steel, have long life mechanical shaft seals with a backup packing.

The M20 has one mixing tank and one large storage tank, furthermotr will each tank have its own circulation pump, unit has a workdeck with hopper, venturi system, pipes and valves. The delivery capacity is 2500 ltr/min maximum. The use of a high shear venturi system, electrical mit tank agitator, a tank eductor nozzle pipe in the storage tank combined with high speed flow circulation guarantees a rapid homogeneous bentonite/water mixture.

Finally this system can be made larger: 30 ft or 40 ft if larger storage volume is required.

Al systems can be modified to customer’s wishes and capacities.

M20E General Specifications

Delivery: 2000-2500 ltr/min.
Engines: Electric.
Pumps: US 250Style with mechanical seal.
Mix tank: 6.500 ltr.
Standard Circulation/Storage tank: 14.500 ltr
30ft Type Circulation/Storage tank: 28.000 ltr
40ft Type Circulation/Storage tank: 42.000 ltr
Connections: 6″ inlet and 6″ outlet.
Painting: high gloss finish paint in customer RAL color.

We will customize this Mud Mixing System.

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  • M20E Mud Mixing System
  • M20E Mud Mixing System
  • M20E Mud Mixing System
  • M20E Mud Mixing System