Project Description

R5E Drilling Mud Reclaiming System

Any Dupagro Mud Reclaiming System is manufactured to meet the required capacity. This R5E Drilling Mud Reclaiming System is a special disigned compact and low weight version. The Tsurumi Submersible Circulation Pump is of international known standards. It is made of wear resistant fluid end materials with most important, a mechanical shaft seal in an oilbath which makes it “run-dry” .  This chosen pumps have proved to be a good choice for the last 20 years.

The R5E Mud Reclaiming System  has a fluid circulation tank with on top one double deck linear mud shaker. This shaker offers a large screen area which which benefits the dewatering of the solids. The biggest positive feature while operating the R5E are the pretension panel screens. These screens will last long and are wedge fixed to the shaker so are quickly replaced. A tough Tsurumi submersible pump transfers the cleaned drilling bentonite to your Mixing System. The maximum capacity of the R5E is up to 500 ltr/min with 20% solids in.

This compact 500 liter Recycling will fit on top a standard trailer. So it can be hauled from jobsite to jobsite behind a large enough car.

Any R5E Drilling Mud Reclaiming System will be modified to customer’s wishes and capacities.

R5E General Specifications

Delivery: 500 ltr/min.
Engine: Electric.
Circulation Pump: Tsurumi.
Transfer Pump: Tsurumi.
Connections: 2″ inlet and 2″ outlet.
Painting: high gloss finish paint in customer RAL color.
Size: 250x175x213 cm
Weight: 1.850 Kg

We will customize our R5E Drilling Mud Reclaiming System.

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