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The Tsurumi KTD Series is a submersible three-phase cast iron heavy-duty slurry pump. It is equipped with an agitator that assists smooth suction of the settled matters. The pump parts such as the impeller and the suction cover are made of wear-resistant materials. The top discharge, side flow design assures efficient motor cooling even when it operates with its motor exposed to air. The slim design allows the pump to be placed in a confined space. Tsurumi KTD Series come in two different types, do check below.

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Tsurumi KTD Series Pump Specifications:

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Model Colour code curve Bore mm Motor output kW Rade current A Head max. m Capacity max. l/min Dry weight kg w/o cable Max. solid handling dia. Mm Pressure resistance max. m Cable length m
KTD22.0 1 50 2,0 4,5 19,9 496 38,0 8,5 25 20
KTD33.0 2 80 3,0 6,5 22,0 794 65,0 8,5 25 20
Model A A1 B B1 D H W1
KTD22.0 235 173 550 442 221 519 140
KTD33.0 297 222 644 521 266 654 160
(dimensions in mm)

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